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Are you looking for Timing belt replacement for your vehicle?

Often referred to as the cambelt, the timing belt is crucial in ensuring synchronised camshaft and crankshaft movement in the vehicle engine. So, this combustion system component is essential for optimal vehicle performance.

Here at MTC Service Centre, our experts use state-of-the-art machinery to offer prompt timing belt replacement Erdington in minimal turnaround time. Kindly call us on 01214398958 for further information.

Please note that you must seek immediate professional assistance if you notice damaged cambelt warning signs. In addition, using your vehicle with a faulty timing belt can impair the car engine, as the pistons and valves may collide almost 200 times per minute.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning timing belt

Some notable signs of a damaged cambelt include:

  • Unusual ticking sound from the car engine
  • Oil leakage near the motor
  • Odd juddering in the vehicle while driving
  • The vehicle is overheating
  • You experience false ignition over and over while starting the car engine
  • The vehicle engine often misfires

Reasons for timing belt damage

The cambelt succumbs to general wear and tear every 4-6 years or after you cover 40,000- 100,000 miles. Nevertheless, several factors can contribute to the premature damage of this component. These include:

  • Rash driving
  • Poor road conditions
  • Excessive load on the timing belt
  • The belt is under-tensioned
  • Damaged timing pulleys
  • Debris build-up in the timing pulley

Benefits of replacing the cambelt

A malfunctioning cambelt can damage the critical components of your vehicle down the line, costing you significantly. Besides, unexpected vehicular breakdowns can compromise your road safety. With professional cambelt replacement, you can rest assured of enjoying a safe and comfortable car handling experience at an affordable rate.

Replacing the timing belt can enhance the vehicle's acceleration capacity and horsepower. Furthermore, an optimally functioning cambelt will consume less fuel, making the car fuel efficient.

Why choose us?

We follow an in-depth multi-point checking system to detect the underlying issues with your vehicle.

Some of the checks we conduct are:

  • A thorough examination of the crankshaft
  • Precisely pinpoint the position of the camshaft timing mark
  • Remove and check the cover of the cambelt
  • Road test

Based on these checks, we offer prompt replacement measures cost-effectively. Please note that we use OE-grade spares for this purpose, so you can rest assured about the compatibility of these parts with your vehicle.

Then why search for a ‘timing belt near me’? Instead, visit us at your convenience.