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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?

The function of a vehicle's suspension system is to support the vehicle's weight, absorb shocks and vibrations, and ensure stability during driving.

Are you experiencing bumpy rides and looking for garages offering reliable suspension repair services at cost-effective prices?

Welcome to MTC Service Centre, your DVSA-certified garage offering cheap suspension repairs Erdington.

How Do Suspensions Work?

Some of the most common components include springs, shocks or struts, control arms, stabilizer bars, ball joints, bushings, and various other interconnected parts. The springs support the weight of the vehicle and provide a comfortable ride by absorbing shocks.

The shocks or struts work with the springs to control suspension movement and dampen vibrations. Control arms, stabilizer bars, ball joints, and bushings help keep the wheels aligned and distribute the vehicle's weight evenly across all four wheels. All of these components work together to deliver a smooth ride no matter the condition of the road.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Immediate Car Suspension Repair Erdington

Some of the basic tell-tale symptoms of a faulty suspension system in your vehicle are:

Uncomfortable Rides

If you feel every bump or pothole on the road, it may mean that your suspension system is having issues and you are experiencing a significant decrease in ride comfort.

Vehicle Pulling to One Side

If your car pulls to one side, even on a straight road, it could mean that your suspension is imbalanced or misaligned.

Uneven Tyre Wear

Sometimes, uneven tyre wear is an indicative of faulty suspensions. This could result in misalignment and might affect the way your tyres make contact with the road.

Unusual Noises

Hearing unusual knocking or clunking noise while driving over bumps? It could mean that some of your suspension components are worn out or damaged.

Excessive Leaking

If you notice any fluid leaks around the shocks or struts, it may mean that these parts have failed. This can reduce the effectiveness of your car's suspension system.

Components We Check During Our Car Suspension Inspection & Repair Erdington

At MTC Service Centre, we conduct thorough inspections of your vehicle's suspension system, like shocks, struts, springs, control arms, and other components.

We conduct the necessary repair/ replacement and car suspension adjustment Erdington in the following ways:

Shock and Strut Replacement

We use high-quality replacements to fix damaged or worn out shocks and struts. Every part we use is either OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or equivalent, to help restore stability and comfort during rides.

Control Arm Repair or Replacement

Our mechanics are trained to address issues with control arms, bushings, and other connecting components to ensure proper alignment of the suspension system.

Bushings and Mounts Replacement

We replace the damaged and worn-out bushings and mounts to restore the optimal stability of your suspension system.

You can now book our suspension services online from our homepage and even schedule a date at your convenience.

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