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Are you looking for Anti Freeze drain & refill for your vehicle?

Changing the antifreeze in the engine system is imperative after regular intervals to ensure that the temperature inside the engine system is within optimal levels.

We, MTC Service Centre, offer antifreeze change Erdington at the most cost-effective rates in the market. Our experts refer to the vehicle handbook to understand vehicle-specific instructions. In this manner, we ensure your vehicle gets the most accurate results when you opt for our services.

What is antifreeze?

Antifreeze or coolant is a chemical fluid that circulates through the car engine system. This fluid cools down an engine system by removing excessive heat from the radiator. Additionally, the inhibitors in this liquid help prevent corrosion of the metal, rubber, and plastic components of an engine's cooling system. Antifreeze, as its name implies, also prevents engine parts from freezing during extreme cold.

Warning signs suggesting the need for antifreeze change

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that indicate your car needs an antifreeze change:

  • You notice the engine temperature warning light turned on the car dashboard.
  • Further, the car engine will function at higher temperatures, which indicates overheating.

These signs should not be ignored at any cost, as they can lead to further implications and cause damage to the associated engine components.

About our antifreeze change Erdington

We add the antifreeze cleaner to the pre-existing fluid, start the engine and keep it running for a while. Then, we will stop the car engine and drain the old coolant. Next, we will add water to the cooling system and flush the entire system to clean it properly. Lastly, we will top-up the cooling system with superior-quality manufacturer-recommended antifreeze.

Sounds perfect, right?

So, you can stop searching for ‘antifreeze changes near me’ and come to our automobile facility.

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